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Copyright Policy
All content published in this website (Cinetrooth) is copyright protected which should not be reproduced elsewhere without our written permission. If you have any questions regarding reproducing any content from our website (Cinetrooth), do contact us.

DMCA – Report a copyright or privacy violation in this website
All content in this site (Cinetrooth) is prepared by our team of professional writers. Our editorial team makes their best effort to verify the ownership of the content published in the site. We use various methods to verify the ownership of content before it is made available for reading.

In an untoward situation, where you find the content published in our website violates your copyrights or your content is reproduced in this site without your consent or your personal information is displayed here which affects your privacy, do please contact us. We would take up the issue seriously and take immediate action against such violation.

Our respect to United State’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
It is practically unfeasible to understand and follow the copyright laws of all countries where our website is accessed. But, we have tried our best to follow all general copyright policies which are broadly practiced by webmasters universally.

As practiced commonly, we follow Digital Millennium Copyright Act of United States of America (USA). If you have any concerns regarding any content published in this website, do please report it to us along with the following details:

URL of the page
Mention appropriate portion of the text you are concerned about
In case of copyright violation reporting, provide us the original content links or book name with detail
Justify your claim accurately

We would immediately remove the content that has got a DMCA notice. If you have any questions or like to report a copy right issue, please Contact Us.

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