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Your passionate interest for cinema made you to visit this website, ‘Cinetrooth’. Like you, we too are ‘Cinephilies’, persons having affection towards films, especially malayalam film industry. Cinetrooth attempts to deliver news and facts about the films made in malayalam language. If you are a film enthusiast, truly you can never miss a bit of information about malayalam cinema.

The real aim of Cinetrooth is to keep the readers blissful by setting the best reading ambiance. Through this platform, we wish to propagate news and thoughts generated from the malayalam film world. Cinetrooth provides latest happening in the malayalam film industry before the readers.

We do not create news, but gather information from reliable sources and share it with the reading community. Our purpose is to deliver better content for the people who have craving interest in films.

The overwhelming support given by our readers have given enhanced thoughts. Each article published here comes out of dedicated research made by our team. If you have any suggestions or feedback please write to us at

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