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School Diary: A film with a social message

After his directorial debut ‘Love Land’, filmmaker M Haja Moinu is getting ready with his 2nd film which narrates the story of plus 2 students. Titled ‘School Diary’, the film scripted and directed by Haja revolves around Cherukunnam village and Archa, a plus two student.

‘Aksharamalayile Amma’, an alphabetic song sung by her makes her a popular figure. She is well supported by her best friends Indu, Rima, Yamuna and Diya. All her ventures gets backing from Vishnu, Sarath, Hemath, Kunjunni and Gireeshan.

Bhama Arun gives life to Archa, while Mamitha, Anakha S Nair, Diya, Vismaya Vishwanathan, Arun Shankar, Hashim Hussain, Ashkar Saudhan, Anwar Sadath, Indrans, Chembil Ashokan, Balaji Sharma, Mohan Iyroor, Mohammed Naufal, Gautham Rajeev, Salman Salim,Gokul, Abhilash, Antony Atlas, Rashid, Bhama Arun, Reena Basheer, Pooja, Kalyani and Baby Neha will also be seen in pivotal roles.

For the lines of M Haja Moinu and Badari, the tunes are set by M G Sreekumar. G K Nandakumar helms the camera. ‘School Diary’ is produced by Anwar Sadath under the banner of Muscat Movie Makers.

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