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Shyam: A film on relationship and love

Shyam A film on relationship and loveDebutant Sebastian Maliyekkal’s upcoming film ‘Shyam’ is all about relationship and love. Young hero Rahul Madhav plays Shyam, a smart guy who is liked and loved by others. Shyam has a special relationship with his mother, who took much effort in shaping his character. He has a close association with Sebin, Stephen and Ramachandran.

Shyam works as an accountant, while Sebin is supervisor in a car company. Stephen makes a living as a medical representative and Ramachandran is a sales executive. Certain incidents happens in the lives of these bachelors which form the plot.

The film explains how the childhood experiences of one individual influence the future and personality of others. Bhagath Manuel, Govindankutty and Vivek Gopan plays the character roles of Sebin, Stephan and Ramachandran respectively. Bollywood actress Aparnaa Bajpai gives life to Sinda, Rahul’s love interest, while performing artiste Sajitha Madathil will play the role of his mother in this family drama.

Shaju, Master Ashik, Nazeer Samkranthi, Radhika and Faizal are also part of the star cast. For the lines of Sebastian Maliyekkal, the tunes are set by Ousepachan. Georgy Joseph helms the camera. ‘Shyam’ is produced by Sebastian Maliyekkal under the banner of Rajageetham Films Private Ltd.

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