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Madmasa: Back to childhood

Madmasa Back to childhoodYet another film featuring a host of child artistes in lead roles is undergoing final stage of production.

Titled ‘Madmasa’, the film scripted and directed by Jayan Raj revolves around a game of ball in the muddy paddy fields and some interesting incidents.

‘Madmasa’ means the playing in the mud. Pranav, Agni Theerth, Abhinanth, Hriday, Appu Pranav, Rahul, Sachin, Hari Marar, Vipin Mohan, Nandana and Sreelakshmi will give life to lead character in the film.

For the lines of K Jayakumar, the tunes are set by Mohan Sitara. Anil Narayanan helms the camera.  ‘Madmasa’ produced under the banner of Arya Films will reach theatres in August 2016.

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