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Sagaram Saakshi: A family drama on Surya TV

Sagaram Saakshi A family drama on Surya TV‘Sagaram Saakshi’ is a new serial which is being telecast in Surya TV. Directed by Kurup Mararikkulam, this mega serial scripted by Sinoj has a star cast of popular small screen actors.

Sarath Das, Steffi Leon, Lakshmi Pramod, KPAC Saji, Sajan Surya and Ambily Devi are the prominent actors in this soap opera.

‘Sagaram Saakshi’ launched on 13th June 2016 is getting good response from the family audience.

It is being aired every Monday to Friday at 7: 00 PM. ‘Naga Kanyaka’ and ‘Mizhi Randilum’ are two other brand new serials which have started airing in the channel.

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