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Kalippattakkaran: Exploring a toymaker’s mind

Kalippattakkaran (Toymaker), an independent malayalam movie directed by Rahman brothers — Shinos Rahman and Sajas Rahman) is making all its way to the Korea Expat Film Festival 2015 (KXFF).

Kalippaattakkaran Exploring a toymaker’s mind

Scripted by Sajas Rahman, the film sojourns through the mind of a toymaker. It zooms into the life of a young man; his dreams, childhood memories and fight for survivaal.

Inspired by a real life character Subith a native of Malapuram, the heart touching theme haunts the mind of the spectators. Noel Rapheal, Sunitha and Kshama Krishna give life to the lead characters in experimental movie.

Kalippaattakkaran Exploring a toymaker’s mind (2)
Made with a budget of Rs 5 lakhs, this one – and – half – hour length film has already been screened at various film fests.

The camera is cranked by Sinoj Ayyappan and Mukesh Murakeedharan, while the music is set by James of Thakara Band.

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